What are this San Diego Spanish Tutors Credentials?

Are you wanting to see what my credentials are right up front to be your Spanish Tutor in San Diego? Perfecto!  I have a impressive list of credentials, however, I’ll just point out the main ones for now to prove my point. So, if you need a good Spanish Tutor in San Diego, then take note:

  • I have 3 years of High School Spanish Teaching experience 2001-2004
  • I have 2 years Teaching High School and Adult Ed ESL ( English as a Second Language) classes 2001-2004
  • I have 3 years Substitute  Teaching all over North San Diego 1998-2001
  • I’ve lived in North County over 30 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This means something to me
  • I’m very friendly, have a flexible schedule, positive attitude, work ethic
  • I make learning fun or you won’t want to use me again, I get it.
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